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Welcome To Eyelash Extensions Pittsburgh!

Welcome to eyelash extensions Pittsburgh. We are confident that we are the leading eyelash company in the area.

Are you having issues with your mascara clumping on your eyelashes or hurting your eyes? Does your eyelash curler pinch your eyelids and feel uncomfortable when you use it?

Mascara stiffens your natural lashes and causes them to easily break. Sweating can cause your mascara to run into your eyes and down your face to give you an unpleasant look.

Eyelash extensions will be gentle on your natural lashes because of our special techniques and lash care. Ditch your damaging makeup and tools and let us give you the best lashes Pittsburgh will give you and the best enhancement you can get.

We offer eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, and eyelash tinting to give you an array or lash enhancing services to choose from.

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About Eyelash Extensions Pittsburgh PA

We created our business to give you the confidence and fearlessness that is deep inside you. Our lash artists are here for you to enhance your natural beauty and have people asking what you’ve done differently and why you have a youthful glow.

We value our lash extension techniques and application tools. Whatever your goals are for your lash extensions, we will help you achieve that goal. We can consult with you to make sure that we are all on the same page and giving you the lashes you want. Our techniques are state of the art and cannot be matched by anyone in the Pittsburgh area and surrounding cities.

Our goal is to give you a relaxing experience. Our lash bar is dedicated to creating an ambiance of zen when you are getting your eyelash extensions. You deserve some calm and quiet time away from the world while you get beautiful.

Our mission is to give you the greatest eyelash extensions Pittsburgh has to offer and we have given these great lashes to the women of our city for many years. We attend training and receive certifications continually to ensure we are up to date with the techniques and trends that are new and improved.

Why Choose Us?

Our lash company is highly rated because of our professionalism, techniques, and cleanliness. We know we are the best choice for eyelash extensions that will last and keep your natural lashes safe from damage.

Reasons why we are the leaders in the community:

  1. We make you look and feel like gold. Our lash applications will instantly add a boldness and glamour that you can’t get with any other makeup product.
  2. Our lash application doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle. You will be able to return to your regular routine with your low maintenance eyelash extensions.We are reliable and timely.
  3. We help you save time in your makeup applying routine. Pittsburgh eyelash extensions can help you get up and go when you’ve hit snooze too many times before work. You’ll be able to get ready to go out the door at any moment when you have the best false eyelashes Pittsburgh has ever applied on you.
  4. You will save money over time. Mascara is expensive especially when it doesn’t do what it's advertised to do. You will be able to buy less makeup products because eyelash extensions bring out your natural beauty.

We have had our salon in the Pittsburgh area for many years, so we know the community very well. We are aware of the lash needs of our city.

Call our lash company today to get the greatest eyelash extensions Pittsburgh has ever applied on the women in the area. We want to see you and give you star treatment.

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What To Expect?

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We use products that will exceed your expectations and give you longer eyelashes with fullness that fill in any gaps. Clients choose us because we believe that your opinion matters every time. The lash extension process is simple and relaxing. You won’t want to leave.

Before your appointment:

  • Call our Pittsburgh eyelash company to book an appointment so we can ensure enough time for your false lashes.
  • Cleanse your eyes to get rid of any makeup that is on your eyelashes and eyelids.
  • Don’t drink too much water. You won’t be comfortable during your appointment if you’d consumed a lot of water that went right through you.
  • Give yourself enough time for brief paper work, a short consultation, and lash extension application.

During your appointment:

  • We will greet you and take you back to fill out paperwork.
  • Your lash artist will consult with you on the style of lashes you are wanting to have put on.
  • You will lay back and relax to serene music that will help you doze off.
  • We will apply the most magical eyelash extensions Pittsburgh PA has ever laid their eyes on.
  • Pre book an appointment to fill your lashes and keep them fresh and full every few weeks.

After your appointment:

  • Leave your fake lashes alone for around 24 hours after your appointment. This gives the lash adhesive time to dry.
  • Clean your extensions daily with a gentle soap to avoid build up of bacteria and makeup on your lash line.
  • Avoid any tugging on your extension to prevent premature lash shedding.

Services Menu

Our eyelash services will bring out the beauty in all of your appeal features. Your eyes deserve special care and high end products to give them the pop they have always needed.

Our lash menu offers services that will enhance your eyes if you want to start low key or go big and bold. We provide the most glamorous eyelash extensions Pittsburgh has seen, the best eyelash lifting, and the most pigmented eyelash tinting Pittsburgh can offer to you.

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes give a natural look to eyelash extensions. The style is simple and elegant. The extensions are applied with a 1:1 ratio applying 1 extension to 1 natural lash. If you’re looking for lash extensions that aren’t noticeable to others, then the classic lash service is the style for you.

Volume Eyelashes

Volume lashes give a dramatic look to eyelash extensions. The style is bold and thick. The extensions are applied with a 5:1 ratio applying 5 fine extensions to 1 natural lassh. If you’re looking for lash extensions that stand out in a crowd, then the volume lash service is the style that is best suited for you.

Hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes give you a mix of natural and dramatic and meeting them in the middle. The style adds a bold touch without going too far and will fill in any sparse gaps that you have in your natural lashes. The extensions are applied with a mix of the 1:1 ratio and 5:1 ratio and blending them through your natural lashes. If you’re looking for lash extensions that give you the right amount of fullness then this is a style for you.

Eyelash Extension Removal

The lash extensions removal service takes no time at all. We recommend that you leave the lash removing process to the trained professionals. You can seriously damage your lashes if they aren’t taken off correctly. We have special removal products that will nourish your natural lashes while taking them off.

Eyelash Tinting

Lash tinting is done with a semi permanent color that is placed on your natural eyelashes. The tint will darken your light eyelashes and give the appearance of a full lash line and the darkest eyelashes Pittsburg has to offer. This service is great because it is versatile with the wide variety of pigments to choose from to give you a customizable look.

Eyelash Lifting

Lash lifts are a great alternative to eyelash extensions. This service curls your natural lashes and the curl lasts for many weeks. The lifting lotion is high grade and safe to be used around your eyes. It is the perfect service for anyone who wants curled and longer looking eyelashes, but can’t commit to extensions just yet. We offer the most elegant lash lifting Pittsburgh applies

About Pittsburgh

At the intersection of the 3 rivers Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio, Pittsburgh sits in the southwest side of Pennsylvania. The city has hot and humid summers with cold winters.

The city’s population is around 300,000 people with a median age of 36.

Pittsburgh is known for being named the “The Steel City” because of the high amount of steel industries that used to be a big part of the economy. High technology and engineering have taken over for the economy.

Surrounding cities of Pittsburgh include:

  1. Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio
  2. Squirrel Hill South, PA
  3. Shadyside, PA
  4. Squirrel Hill North, PA
  5. North Oakland, PA
  6. Greenfield, PA
  7. Point Breeze, PA
  8. Aspinwall, PA
  9. Swisshelm, PA
  10. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

I loved every second of my lash experience. I was comfortably warm and relaxed the whole time. My eyelashes look so bold and perfect. I love this salon.

Kacey M.

I bought a gift card for lash extensions for my friend and after I saw her lashes I had to come try it out! I’m so glad I did because these are the most beautiful extensions I’ve had applied.

Taylor W.

I’m so excited for my appointment every time. My eyelash extensions lay so nice and don’t clump up. I am always so relaxed because of the calming music and clean salon.

Megan H.

Frequently asked questiona

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

Prices vary for each service. Get in touch with us for more pricing details.

Are there lashes near me or eyelash extensions near me?

Are there lashes near me or eyelash extensions near me?

When you search for “eyelash extensions near me” and you are in Pittsburgh then you know by now that we are the leading salon in the city and surrounding areas.

What is the most popular eyelash style?

Volume eyelash extensions are requested the most because of the fullness that they give to your lashes.

Can you use mascara with eyelash extensions?

Do not use mascara with your lashes. The lash adhesive will dry out and your extensions will clump together.

How do you sleep with your eyelash extensions?

A silk pillow will keep your lashes from getting tangled while you sleep. It is best to avoid sleeping on your face to make sure you don’t smoosh your extensions. You don’t want to ruin the best fake eyelashes Pittsburgh can offer you.

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Ditch your crusty mascara and get yourself the best eyelash extensions Pittsburgh has to offer and feel more confident. Pittsburgh eyelash extensions will keep the integrity of your natural lashes because of our techniques and application.

Call our salon as soon as you can because we book up fast and we want to see you. We enjoy making women feel great and our lash extensions Pittsburgh PA will do that for you.

We know that life can’t be perfect, but we’d love to give you a little perfection in your eyelash extensions. Treat yourself because you deserve it with your busy and hectic life.

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